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Information on Grammar tests.

1. Grammar and Phonology Screening Test (GAPS)

A screening test for children from 3:6 to 6:6 years. The test can be used by professionals and parents alike.


Available from www.dldcn.com.

2. Test of Active and Passive Sentences-Revised (TAPS-R)

(A test of understanding of transitive active, verbal passive and adjectival passive sentences).

This new revised version of this popular test comprises 48 sets of colourful pictures.

Available from www.dldcn.com.

3. Advanced-Syntactic Test of Pronominal Reference-Revised (A-STOP-R)

(A test of inter-sentential pronominal and anaphoric (reflexive) reference).

The new revised version provides delightful individual colourful pictures, specifically drawn by a professional artist. The revised version with these colourful pictures facilitates attention and motivation of the children when being tested.

Available from www.dldcn.com.

4. Verb Agreement and Tense Test (VATT)

(A test of verbal tense marking and subject-verb agreement)

Available from www.dldcn.com.

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Citation for tests


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4. VAT

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