Cross-linguistic investigations into G-SLI: Evidence from Greek

Cross-linguistic investigations afford us a new avenue to evaluate various theoretical explanations of the nature of deficits in SLI. Stavroula Stavrakaki's study of SLI in Greek aims to advance understanding of the nature and cause of G-SLI through innovative investigations into a group of 8 Greek children who meet the selection criteria of G-SLI (van der Lely, 1999). More specifically, this research project aims to produce converging evidence to enable:

(i) cross-linguistic characterisation of the deficit in G-SLI

(ii) identification of linguistic abilities and disabilities of Greek G-SLI children by exploring lexical-semantic and syntactic aspects of language development through off- and on-line tasks

(iii) discrimination between competing hypotheses, i.e. the Cognitive Input-processing deficit and the Representational Deficit for Dependent Relations, as to the determinants of the deficit in G-SLI

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