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Past and Present Research Programme















Past and present research programme

Scientific Aims

Currently running:

Optical Topography investigations in newborns, infants and young children

Phonological representation in SLI children

Auditory processing in SLI

SLI in Arabic


Past projects:

SLI subgroups and specialised cognitive systems

Representational deficit for dependent relations hypothesis

The cognitive function and structure of language processing in children with SLI: a neuropsycholinguistic investigation

The investigation of negative particles in SLI children

Developing tests of grammar and phonology

Argument structure in children with SLI

Cross-linguistic investigations into G-SLI

Lexical acquisition in SLI children

Auditory perception in SLI


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Department of Phonetics & Linguistics, UCL

Department of Psychology, UCL

School of Psychology, Birkbeck College


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